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That’s how it began ...

In the year 1980 Günther Schaible was commissioned by the Evang. Jugendwerk/CVJM in Württemberg to start building up a Christian Center of Living in Wörnersberg in the Black Forest. Together with eight young people Günther Schaible and his family moved to the small village of Wörnersberg near Altensteig (Germany), where an old country inn had been purchased. This became the beginning of the Christian Center of Living “Wörnersberger Anker”. Today there are families and single members of staff living here, together with a group of young Christians, both singles and families, who share life in our community for one year. All in all we are about 50 people.

In July 2004 Günther and Ulla Schaible finished their Anker-time and leadership started into a new generation.

What we want ...

We want to be a Christian school of living. By accompanying young people for a short period in their lives we want to help them become Christian personalities.

Reasons for young Christians to come to the Wörnersberger Anker:
  • to find their personal relation to faith, to figure out their way of realizing it, and to grow in faith.
  • to improve their knowledge of the Bible
  • to prove their faith in active love, and to be able to communicate it to others, especially in those groups and at those groups and at those places were they will live in afterwards.
  • to practise personal rules of living and to adopt a life style of sharing with others.
  • to get to know themselves more closely by living together with other members of the community, to tolerate and trust one another, to evaluate, suffer, and solve conflicts.
  • to live as Christians in everyday life
  • to be concerned with important questions of our time and to feel responsible for our church the body of Christ and society.
  • in 1989 we started to train also young families. The aim was to practise a biblical way of married life and family life, and to discover the role of Christian families within the body of Christ. Therefore we offered different seminars in the area of: couple-training, education, counseling for couples ... this kind of training we stopped in 1994.

How we live ...

  • In our community we try to revive the old idea of “ora et labora” pray and work. In Bible studies and in times of prayer, in conversation with each other and in practical work on location and in the house we want to practise, help to correct and develop social interaction and Christian life. At work in the kitchen, at the laundry or the bakery, in our conversations and in how we treat our guests, we want our Christian way of life to become visible.

  • Our prayer-meeting on Wednesday evenings has turned out to be the focus of the work of the Wörnersberger Anker. Here we want to praise and worship Jesus Christ, our Lord. He is the center around which we want to arrange our lifes; from Him we want to receive strength, help and equipment for everyday life and for this world. By the Lord of us all we also want to be forgiven and relieved anew to be able to live together in our community. We are glad that friends from outside come to the Wörnersberger Anker to join us and to pray with us.

Possibilties to join in ...

  • The Anker-Team (Jahresteam)
    We invite young Christians from 19-27 years to share in our daily life and work for one year, for a small monthly allowance. This one-year Team is intended to be a Christian school of living (it is also accepted as a voluntary social service).
    Our aim is that these young people continue to work in their church communities or YMCAs afterwards.

  • Outreaches to Romania (Jahresteam)
    For a few years now we travel with our Jahresteam for an outreach to Romania. The aim of these outreaches is to make our young people aware of an other culture, to offer them a possiblity to learn new skills in foreign enviroments, and to broaden their horizons not only in geographical terms. Above all we want the participants to grow in their spiritual lives.

  • Programs for Guests

  • One part of our programm is to give young people an opportunity to live with us for one or two weeks. Our guests are invited to participate in our community together with the Team. In some cases we might invite guests also for longer periods of time.

  • Seminars and trainings
    We want to pass on what we have experienced and are trying to live wich each other. This is the concept behind our evangelistic conferences and our Weekend Training Seminars which were designed to deepen faith. Apart from that we offer Bible School classes during two consecutive weeks every spring. The intention of these courses is that young people may gain access to the Old and New Testament. A seminar for fulltime staff members with a responsible position in their churches or ministries has proved to be very effective as well a seminar about marriage was designed to help young families to gain a Biblical understandig of marriage and child raising. Our summer camp (during school holidays) is an opportunity for young and old people to spend their holidays in family-community.

  • For german speaking young people, from 19 – 27 years - we offer the possibility to join our Jahresteam. Please read more about this at Junge Erwachsene – Jahresteam


Possibilities for a visit ...

  • Prayer-meeting every Wednesday night at the Wörnersberger Anker. Friends and guest from outside are welcome; the prayer-meeting starts at 8.00 pm. At the last prayer-meeting of every month there is an opportunity to receive prayer and personal blessings for individual needs.
  • Many friends like to visit us on Sunday afternoons. This is when we open our “Sunday-Cafe” ca. once a month from 2.30 pm to 6.00 pm. Here you can meet people to talk with, and you can get good coffee and homemade cakes. If a larger group of people should intend to come for a visit, please inform us in advance.
  • Once a year we organize an open house (Freundestag) for our friends from all over the country. We start Sunday morning at 10.30 am, with a service. After lunch at the Wörnersberger Anker there is a bibelstudy and an informational part (2.00 pm). At the end everybody is invited for coffee and conversation.
  • Excursions: Time and again groups from YMCAs, church communities, womens clubs or other Christian groups are visiting us. We have coffee together and tell about life in our community and the spiritual experiences we had in our lives with Jesus Christ.

Who supports the Wörnersberger Anker ...

  • The Wörnersberger Anker - Christian Center of Living and Training – is a registered association. It works in close connection with and entrusted by the Evangelisches Jugendwerk / CVJM in Württemberg. Apart from that the Wörnersberger Anker is a member of the Diakonisches Werk of the Lutheran Church in Württemberg.
  • A board with 13 members is responsible for the work done by the Wörnersberger Anker.
  • A larger circle of friends supports the work of the Wörnersberger Anker accompanying it in their prayers and by financing it through their tithes and offerings. Donations to the Wörnersberger Anker are tax-deductible.

If you wish to join our circle of friends, or if you would like to receive more information, please send an E-mail. We would be glad to send you our Freundesbrief (Letter for friends).

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